Our History

StockCare started life as the Sheep for Profit programme when a pilot project was rolled out from 2001 to 2003 on 48 farms throughout New Zealand.

Funded by Meat & Wool Innovation, the primary objective of the original project was to improve income from the sheep enterprises by $12 per ewe. We beat that by 37 cents.

Such a result was worth $1,546,250 over 125,000 ewes. The major improvement was an extra 6.3kg lambs weaned per ewe mated.

Financial performance was compared to the national average of all farms in the M & WI Economic Service annual survey for the relevant period. Over these three years the participating farms achieved a 27% greater cash surplus compared to the national average – an increase of $5 per stock unit.

After careful analysis of this work and further development of the service the programme was commercialised in 2003. More than 250 farmers have been involved since the programme was commercialised, with new clients arriving regularly.

Through the StockCare programme we also provide the opportunity for farmers to become a Kumanu lamb supplier, an arrangement that delivers a premium price for their stock.

After over fifteen years of raising standards and rising profits we now look forward to even further success working alongside New Zealand farmers.