How It Works

The understanding
before undertaking

Our aim is to make everything as clear as possible. That includes setting everything out in a clear, easily understandable manner – which starts right here and now.


Our StockCare consultant will first contact you for an informal chat to get a good understanding of your expectations, and to make sure our StockCare programme is the best option to meet your needs.

From there we recommend a farm visit to gain a wider perspective of the key farm issues, and to discuss further the methods and benefits the programme will provide. We’ll take you through the protocols and recording forms at this stage to ensure everyone is on the same page.

During this farm visit we will assess if further refinements are needed for our programme to work the best for your individual situation. We will then create a Farm Management Plan including events, timings and a reminder system for the year


Once this programme is agreed on an annual service agreement contract is signed. Fees are based on:

  • An annual subscription to the online database
  • Services charged based on your individual needs. These fees will be set for the first 1 or 2 years and then adjusted according to your needs in the following years.


Our reporting systems are second to none, providing our clients with peace of mind through clarity of information.

We expect the first 12 months to be more about collecting good information. There's little point in thinking about changes until we have something to work from. Once this initial audit is completed we will focus on implementing changes for improvement.

Your farm’s information will be entered into the StockCare database – a process that is quick and easy. You can send in the completed hard copies of records and we can enter this information or you can enter it yourself via our online portal.

From this information thorough StockCare reports are produced. During the first year our consultant will visit your farm, where you both will work through the reports and define the opportunities ahead. We then help you create effective plans based on realistic, achievable goals.

There is a reminder system linked to the Management Plan ensuring no detail is missed. Regular StockCare reports provide all the necessary data for reviewing past work and planning future efforts. This is a key benefit when it comes to presenting important information to interested third parties – investors, stakeholders and trustees.