We work with your veterinarian in the field to incorporate a comprehensive preventive animal health programme into our overall StockCare process. With this focus we can help provide further clarity around understanding and managing diseases that may be affecting the livestock on your farm.

Each farm has its own unique annual management plan, which is reviewed each year in conjunction with your StockCare consultant. During the first year the programme will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the animal health status of your farm. We do so by:

  • Reviewing of the critical indicators of disease - body condition, growth rates, death rates and reproductive performance.
  • Assessing previously identified disease problems and diagnostic tests of existing conditions.
  • Monitoring parasitism levels, then basing treatments on the results of the tests combined with other factors monitored by the programme.
  • Testing to determine the trace element status of the different livestock classes.
  • Providing a rigorously conducted investigation of a representative sample of lambs that die within 48 hours of birth.
  • Developing a carefully planned vaccination, parasite control and animal health programme aimed at disease prevention.
  • Minimising any unsubstantiated use of mineral supplements, antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and fertility drugs.