The Network

Our work at StockCare is supported by external advisors. They have all been through a rigorous induction programme to ensure we can provide a consistent StockCare mindset and the highest of service standards throughout our operation.

Our external advisors are:

  • Pete Anderson
  • Mark Colson
  • Rebecca Smith

With the combined knowledge of this network the sharing of advice and specialist expertise provides our clients support that is both effectively comprehensive and efficiently targeted.

In conjunction with FarmCare our StockCare service is offered along with GrazCare and PureMilk. Each of these services has been developed over the years to ensure our clients can receive unique service and excellent results. That’s the right focus, appropriate tools, attentive care and best course of action for their distinctive situation.

If you have any questions about how our supporting network may be able to help your operation please don’t hesitate to get in touch.