The Programme

With small steps
and great strides

The StockCare programme has been carefully developed over the years to ensure a focus on the small details delivers success in the big picture. From fertiliser to financials, pasture management to marketing stock, we cover all aspects of farm performance and ensure this performance is at its peak.

This programme provides a number of key benefits to our clients beyond the reduced volatility that comes from consistent performance. Transparent planning and performance provides clear insight for off-farm interests – the overseers, investors, stakeholders and trustees. There’s also the opportunity, once production quality is optimised, to increase stock numbers and become a Kumanu lamb supplier through the StockCare programme.


Many farm business systems tend to focus on pastures, finances or other specific areas. It is not uncommon for these companies to make recommendations for change based on overall trends or vague ideals.

We focus on animal performance – the effective conversion of pasture to meat and wool being central to the business of farming. We start with a blank page, with no assumptions and no ready-made solutions. We remain focused on the trends and goals of your operation to achieve your specific objectives. Knowing what others do on their farms is interesting – knowing what you are doing on your farm is powerful.


The success of StockCare has been built on a disciplined approach to the information collection and reporting process.

We have one of the largest farm production databases in the country. With a huge range of farm data spread over more than 250 farms throughout New Zealand for over a decade. This database provides detailed online analysis available to our clients when and where they need it.


Every client’s farm is managed by a StockCare consultant and backed by wider network of expertise. It means we not only can identify and understand the factors that may be limiting your performance, but also help you apply effective prioritising and focused techniques. From there you can implement tried and true techniques to boost performance.

A system based, methodical approach

Our programmes provide specific measurable outcomes according to the type of stock systems you have.


The measurable outcome for the ewe flock is kg lamb weaned per ewe mated. The key performance indicators are:

The number of lambs weaned

  • mating performance (scanning result)
  • ewe survival
  • lamb survival

The lamb weaning weight

  • growth rate
  • age at weaning

Packages developed for your ewe flock (along with the corresponding hogget flock) include:

  • ewe mating performance
  • lambing performance
  • ewe lamb replacement performance


The measurable outcome for the beef herd is kg calf weaned per cow wintered. The key performance indicators are:

The number of calves weaned per cow

  • pregnancy rate
  • cow survival to weaning
  • calf survival to weaning

The calf weaning weight

  • growth rate
  • age at weaning

Packages developed for your beef herd include:

  • cow mating performance
  • heifer replacement performance


Everyone knows that without the right feed going in you won’t make the most of the results coming out. But sometimes it’s difficult to know the exact right quantity and quality depending on other key factors. We provide systems and processes to:

  • Monitor the wellbeing of your breeding stock with careful assessment of body condition.
  • Prioritise feeding groups based on condition score and nutritional requirements throughout the year.
  • Weigh young stock regularly to monitor their growth, ensuring well-fed, healthy and stress-free stock grow at optimal rates.
  • Develop with you the ability to predict, grow and utilise adequate levels of quality feed for optimal performance.
  • Make early adjustments to stock numbers or provide supplementary feeding to offset changes in expected feed levels.
  • Minimise the impact of changes in feed type by carefully managing the transitional process.


We work with your veterinarian in the field to incorporate a comprehensive preventive animal health programme into our overall StockCare process. With this focus we can help provide further clarity around understanding and managing diseases that may be affecting the livestock on your farm.

Each farm has its own unique annual management plan, which is reviewed each year in conjunction with your StockCare consultant. During the first year the programme will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the animal health status of your farm. We do so by:

  • Reviewing of the critical indicators of disease - body condition, growth rates, death rates and reproductive performance.
  • Assessing previously identified disease problems and diagnostic tests of existing conditions.
  • Monitoring parasitism levels, then basing treatments on the results of the tests combined with other factors monitored by the programme.
  • Testing to determine the trace element status of the different livestock classes.
  • Providing a rigorously conducted investigation of a representative sample of lambs that die within 48 hours of birth.
  • Developing a carefully planned vaccination, parasite control and animal health programme aimed at disease prevention.
  • Minimising any unsubstantiated use of mineral supplements, antibiotics, pesticides, hormones and fertility drugs.